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June 1, 2021
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Pigmentation treatment for face to reveal glowing skin

Just like you and me, Sunita remembers the first flush of her youth. Her flawless skin glowing with health and beauty drew admiring glances and most of all, she felt good about herself. She felt on top of the world and ready to take on anything!

She actually did so, being successful in all her ventures. She managed her household kids career with a plan.

But these days, she is no longer her happy self. Life is normal, good enough compared to many people. So she doesn’t like to talk about it like all women, she puts everyone and everything first and herself last!

The thing is, she is feeling down in the dumps. She just noticed some spots on her pretty face! To her it is a big deal, as she always had great, spotless skin. And the question bugging her was, what were these mysterious spots? She just hoped it wasn’t something serious.

Luckily, on her next visit to Divine Skinsthetics, the beautician asked her about the spots, and mentioned that she could do something about them. Sunita’s relief was beyond bounds when she heard that the dermatologist would conduct a thorough skin test to determine the cause of her spots. Which she now knew as pigmentation and that these age spots or sun spots would vanish with the targeted pigmentation treatments for face that the Divine Skinsthetics dermatologist would advise her.

Like Sunita, at a certain age all or most women become suddenly aware of the ravages of time on their face. Fading beauty is very depressing or should we say was depressing. Today, women can reverse the ageing process with so many beauty technologies, effective serums and creams etc.

Pigmentation also is a skin condition which generally occurs as we get older. It happens due to hormonal changes at the time of menopause, pregnancy, or some other conditions. Skin Pigmentation goes deeper than the skin – it can affect your psyche and disturb your mental and emotional health.

So, do not ignore it and take the steps to address it. First, let’s see what it is and then the ways in which it can be treated.

What is pigmentation?

A common problem which occurs when you age is skin pigmentation. Your skin gets its color from melanin. When there is an imbalance of this component of your skin, high or low degree of pigmentation occurs. At Divine Skinsthetics, we offer various products and options for pigmentation treatments for face, such as creams, masks, facials and peels.

The coloring of the skin is pigmentation. When excessive color is produced by the skin, the skin is darkened and it is called hyperpigmentation. However, in common usage, hyperpigmentation is termed as pigmentation of the skin or face.

Ageing process brings about changes in the color of your skin, including the dark spots or pigmentation. This reduces the clarity of your skin, and your skin tone becomes uneven. Sometimes the whole face is affected, sometimes it is a patch on the face – pigmentation varies from person to person.

When your natural skin is hidden under the age spots, then your face loses the glow and you feel dejected. It can lead to lack of self-esteem as well as confidence, as it reminds you of your age every time you look at the mirror.

You actually feel age creeping up on you! Though you fit and rarin’ to go, your looks belie your fitness and youthful energy.

But, with pigmentation treatment for face, you can easily overcome this ageing sign, and regain your beautiful, glowing youthful skin again.Just follow the skincare regimen that our dermatologists at Divine Skinsthetics advise, along with our very effective, tried and tested range of products.

Types of pigmentation

Any abnormality of the texture, color or surface of your skin is termed as skin pigmentation. The reasons for these conditions are hormonal changes, sun exposure or due to inflammation/skin allergy, burns or injury.

Exposure to sun over a period of 15-20 years causes the extra production of melanin, as your body increases melanin production to protect itself from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The UVA rays go deeper to the dermis and cause pigmentation. Men and women who are exposed to harsh radiation of the sun due to being outdoors all day, also exhibit spots on the skin, developing premature aging.

The types of pigmentation are:

Dark patchy skin and age spots: Freckles and age spots fall in this category, and the damage is to the upper layer or the epidermal layer of skin.

Hyperpigmentation: In this, the deeper layer or the dermal layer of skin is damaged and hyperpigmentation occurs. UVA rays which reach this level stimulate melanin production which results in skin pigmentation. At Divine Skinsthetics, we offer holistic pigmentation treatment for face, so that the problem is treated from the root upwards.


Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal changes, and many women develop dark brown spots on the face. Women who take pills for birth control, and also women who undergo HRT or Hormone Replacement therapy sometimes display pigmentation.

Effective treatments for pigmentation

Pigmentation can be treated quite effectively at Divine Skinsthetics. Our dermatologists analyze your skin and determine the treatment which is best suited for you. We offer customized treatment for all, as every person has a different skin type and degree of pigmentation. You will therefore, receive personalized care and attention, maximizing the benefits of the treatment.

A combination of laser treatment, peels, face packs, and dermatologist-recommended skincare products are advised depending on the intensity and type of pigmentation.

Relax and enjoy the results!

Pigmentation on your face may have made you sad, but it is a common problem and thus can be treated quite effectively. The dermatologists at Divine Skinsthetics are experts at pigmentation treatment for face, and meticulously treat every person with focus on their particular discoloration, age. pigmentation spots.

So relax, follow the treatment that is devised for you, and enjoy the lovely, spotless, youthful skin. Revel in your timeless beauty and the admiration from all around you!

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