Hair are the fine threads that grow in mass on different parts of our body, Biologically, it enables the natural perspiration through what we know as sweat.

But also introduce a sense of confidence in us.

The average human head has about 1,00,000 hair with a similar number of hair follicies.

It's normal to shed between 50 and 100 hair a day. However, when the body sheds significantly more hair every day, we call it hair-fall.

Divine Skinsthetic is a well renewed clinic known for Hair Restoration and uses most advanced DS Direct Hair Implant Technique with 100% genuine results.

DS Direct Hair Implant is a non-invasive procedure delivering the best outcomes without any cuts, scars, stitches or pain for Individuals who are suffering from hair balding, thinning, loss & even poor quality hair.

Why to choose Divine Skinsthetic?

Under the Divine Skinsthetic  assurance, we provide you with best of doctors, updated & advance techniques, experienced Technicians, Counselors and Practitioners  for all your treatments, we arrange your to trip and stay in India to have your Surgery and treatment done at the most affordable price. Patients can save 50 -60% on prices comparing to their home country.

Hair transplantation procedure


Flight Ticket

Hotel accommodation for 3 nights in 4-5 star hotel

Transportation services between airport-hotel-hospital

Blood Test



Wound care/dressing

Post-operative 1st Headwash

Life Long Follow Ups