Hair Treatment

It’s no secret that great hair makes you feel good. Healthy hair is lustrous, glossy and your pride. But sometimes, if you have neglected the proper care of our hair, then your hair becomes lifeless and dull. Just like your body, hair needs proper nourishment too. Using too much heat and chemicals on your hair might cause your hair health to deteriorate. Pollution, using excessive styling products, harsh sun rays, hormonal imbalance, inadequate diet are some of the reasons for hair thinning, breakage, scalp dryness, dry or oily hair and dandruff.

Having dandruff can aggravate your facial skin problems due to dandruff flakes falling on it. Divine Skinsthetics diagnoses the cause for your dandruff, and suggest treatment that can get rid of dandruff and avoid it in the future. Our dermatologists the underlying cause for your hair problems such as brittle hair, rough and dry hair, dull hair, limp hair, oily hair and more. Our hair treatments are natural, safe, effective and have long lasting results. We suggest the hair treatment best for you, so that your hair becomes healthy again, from the root to the tips!