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Hair Transplant Failure: Reasons And What You Can Do About It

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A hair transplant procedure is supposed to restore your hair and make you look good. You have high hopes about the procedure, and when the opposite happens, you are more than upset. In some rare cases, hair transplantation can fail, and you might end up in a worse situation than before. Sometimes, it is a case of over expectation from the treatment, and the person is not satisfied with the results.

Or else, if you are thinking of going in for it, you should be aware of the reasons why it might sometimes fail, and how to choose the right hair transplantation clinic in Delhi. Knowing the reasons and causes for failure will help to avoid these, and make your own hair transplantation a success.

Divine Skinsthetics is acutely aware of the dilemma which faces each person, while opting for this procedure. We are confident in our services, and are one of the top hair transplantation clinics in Delhi. So we feel that we should educate people about hair transplantation and realistic goals and thus help them make an informed decision.

If you are googling hair transplant clinic near me, then do contact Divine Skinsthetics, and we would be happy to answer all your queries.  

Causes for hair transplantation failure

There are some common causes for the failure of hair transplantation, although success rate varies from person to person.


This happens when there is excessive harvesting of the hair follicles from donor area of the scalp. This leads to the hair looking sparse at the back and sides of the head, from where the hair follicles are grafted.So a person who is looking for uniform distribution of hair on the head, will be disappointed.

Poor implantation and hairline design

This classifies as a failure because the person wanted to enhance his or her appearance, and ends up with a transplant that looks unnatural and asymmetric. Sometimes, unqualified people handing the hair graft create what is known as ‘dolls head’ appearance with tufts of hair badly arranged on the scalp. In some cases grafts tend to grow in different directions and there could even be failure of hair growth.

Experience of the surgeon

If you are searching for a hair transplant clinic in Delhi, you must be quite convinced it is the right one for you. Check for a clinic which has a surgeon with experience in hair transplant FUE, such as Divine Skinsthetics.

Your procedure will have a much better chance of success if your surgeon knows the procedure thoroughly. The specialist should be one who is meticulous in the FUE procedure and knows the correct donor-recipient ratio, so that your hair is equally distributed on the scalp.

Insufficient post-procedure care advice

Post-operative care is as important as the procedure itself. The doctor who performs the surgery should be competent and experienced enough to impress upon the patient that the success of the hair transplantation depends on it too.

In the case of a professional and experienced hair transplantation clinic in Delhi, such as Divine Skinsthetics, the doctor will prepare a comprehensive advisory chart. For example, some patients suffer more from extensive scabbing. Scratching this is the normal reaction, but it’s an absolute no-no, as it might affect the transplantation.

Washing the hair gently, avoiding exposure to sun and situations which might lead to sweating of the scalp are some things which a good clinic will advise, for the success of the hair graft.

You’re just NOT right for it!

Hair transplantation is life transforming, but sadly, it may not be the best procedure for you. Before the procedure, your doctor should obtain your complete medical history. Then the required medical tests should be performed in order to know how well you would take the surgery.

And also, most importantly, the doctor should conduct indicator tests to find out your hair loss pattern, classification and more. If these tests do not show a good probability, then you are not an ideal candidate.

 Similarly, some people are disappointed in their hair transplantation procedures as clinics are not upfront with them, and do not tell them that they are not the ideal candidate for hair transplantation FUE.

If you search for hair transplantation clinic near me, you will come across quite a few ones. Look for ones which have experienced surgeons and offer honest advice. These clinics will tell you clearly that your procedure may not be successful, which leads us to the next cause…..


There are some unethical clinics which make all kinds of promises to get customers. These clinics will not offer the correct advice or let the customer know the potential risks involved. Only a rosy picture is painted and often, they mislead desperate people.

In this scenario, look for a doctor or clinic which puts value on your well-being, and pays attention to your medical history and other requirements. The kind of clinic you should go for is the one which will safeguard your money as well as your hair!

And finally, patience!!

Hair transplant FUE sometimes takes time to work. Some people do not give time for the hair graft to take root, and declare it as a failure too soon. It might take upto 12 months to see results, so a lot of patience is required. You might want to see amazing results as soon as possible but it’s crucial to be patient, and follow the advice of the doctor.

What to do if your hair transplant failed

Do not despair if you had a bad experience and your transplant did not work out – it can be rectified and you will have the hair that grows on the balding areas naturally, just as you wanted in the first place. Hairlines can be corrected, and the density of hair can be increased and more – there is the option for both repair as well as repeat of the procedures, if the first one did not go according to your liking.

The Takeaway

As you can see, hair transplantation in Delhi should be performed in a reputed, good clinic which has experienced doctors. A good clinic will have a hair transplant specialist on board who can answer all your queries and predict a realistic result for your transplant.

Divine Skinsthetics hair transplant clinic in Delhi, has provided this procedure to many customers. Do call us or drop a mail if you are planning to opt for this hair restoration procedure.

Take a look at our video for more information about our services:

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    Most people in my area have no knowledge of the fact that fast hair growth amino scalp therapy shampoos (obviously without any sulfates, parabens or DEA) exist. People can now achieve longer hair and achieve more options. Certainly worth exploring.

    When you’re considering alopecia, damaged hair, preventing hair disorders, fast hair growth, hair care at large, very similar thoughts come to mind.

    As a general rule, you should try to stay away from hair products and treatments that use chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What’s good for your hair is good for your skin as well.

    Obviously the content above is so accurate for various reasons. It stays away from the common traps and mistakes most fall into: using ineffective alternatives. Keep it up!

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