Major Hair Problems in Youngsters: Hair Fall and Hair Loss

Hair fall and hair loss are two common hair problems faced by young men and women. Losing 50-100 hair strands a day is considered to be normal, but any more than this is a cause for concern. Don’t lose your sleep over hair loss - Divine Skinsthetics clinic can get to the bottom of your hair loss and suggest the right treatment for you.

Hair fall occurs with advancing age, but it is becoming seen more and more in younger men. This is due to lifestyle factors and stress due to job or relationships etc. Balding and a receding hairline could be causing you a lot of distress. At Divine Shiknsthetics, our experts diagnose whether it is due to genetics or hormonal imbalance, overuse of products such as styling gels pollution and so on. After the diagnosis, you will be suggested a completely personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique hair loss and hair fall problem. We believe in helping our clients maintain and regain healthy hair, that will bring back the smile to your face!