Platelet Rich Plasma is a facial rejuvenation treatment in which your own plasma is used to stimulate the production of collagen and cell migration. This eliminates lines, folds and wrinkles, improves skin tome and moisture, removes acne scars or dark spots. At Divine Skinsthetics, we use this advanced skin treatment method which uses your body’s amazing power for healing itself. The Plasma Rich Therapy is injected into the skin at the required depth according to your need. The plasma is injected or spread over the skin during therapy, which is absorbed by the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma triggers collagen production and your face starts glowing again, and regains its natural beauty.

The skin of the face also thins with age, even though you may not have wrinkles and skin sagging. The cheeks and lips become gaunt and thin visibly. Collagen plumps the skin up. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is used to re-contour cheeks too. Our dermatologists will have an in-depth discussion with you, and explain the entire procedure to you. This facial is also called vampire facial as it involves drawing blood, even though it is blood from your own body! Results from PRP therapy are simply astounding yet subtle. The skin looks naturally young again. For those who suffer from premature aging due to the highly stressful life, or exposure in the sun, or due to age, Face Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment sure to bring back the zing in your skin!