7 Most effective antiaging treatments
7 Most Effective Antiaging Treatments
November 29, 2021
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Dark circles treatment in Delhi

dark circles treatment in delhi

Dark circles are the light or dark brown area around your eyes which is formed because of melanin accumulation. Known also as periorbital hyperpigmentation, they appear prominently on fairer skin tones, and have a reddish blue color due to the veins underneath the area.

The dark circles may form if you work for long hours, enjoy binging on your favorite shows late in the night, or love to party till the wee hours. There could be other reasons for dark circles too including the age factor and genetics. Under-eye dark circles makes you look tired, older and unhealthy. Read on to find out all about the causes and treatment, including dark circle treatment by laser.

Causes of dark circles

Dark circles’ causes range from genetic causes to lifestyle choices. Age plays a role in development of dark circle. As we grow older, collagen is lost and the skin loses elasticity, and the delicate skin around the eyes becomes translucent and thin. Darkening of skin surrounding your eyes could be due to increased vascularity in under-eye skin, fluid accumulation or constitutional hollows beneath your eyes.

The venous congestion or the buildup of fluid due to these causes makes dark circles even more noticeable:

Lack of sleep


Allergies to cosmetics

Aging process which causes skin laxity


Atopic dermatitis

Excessive pigmentation

Sun exposure

Rubbing eyes frequently


Some medications

Vitamin B12, iron deficiency and anemia

Tear trough or hollows under the eyes

If you have searched ‘dark circle treatment near me’, and found our clinic Divine Skinsthetics, do pay a visit and get your dark circle treatment done here from our expert dermatologist.

Dark circles treatment by laser

We treat dark circles by advanced laser technology. Both the superficial as well as deep pigment around your eyes and vascularity can be treated with laser therapy. This treatment reduces the darkness under your eyes and helps to fade the wrinkles and fine lines. The light therapy reduces fluid spread due to broken capillaries, exfoliates the skin and reduces the darkness overall.

Ablative and non-ablative lasers are used to stimulate and tighten the skin and increase your collagen production.

Chemical peel for dark circles

If there is superficial pigmentation under your eyes, then chemical peels may help to reduce the pigmentation. Dermatologists use trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid in carefully measured amounts to treat periorbital and infraorbital dark circle.

You should never try to use over-the-counter chemical peels at home by yourself as it can lead to a hazardous situation. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, so you must take utmost care and not experiment with OTC products that may cause a serious allergic reaction. Always consult an experienced dermatologist for proper and effective treatment.

Creams for dark circle treatment

Topical creams for the medical treatment of dark circles help to get rid of the darker skin pigmentation under your eyes. They are applied directly to affected areas and dermatologist suggested cream is the best. Creams which contain retinoids are desirable as they increase the production of collagen but might cause irritation of the skin. So consulting a dermatologist is best who might suggest a skin test or patch test.

Fillers for under eye hollows

Aesthetic fillers are used by our dermatologist at Divine Skinsthetics, if you have come across our clinic by searching dark circle treatment near me. Apart from dark circle treatment by laser, we offer this filler treatment that fills in the tear troughs or hollows under the eyes. It reduces the shadowing effect and eliminates the tired look.

Choosing these dermatologist delivered treatments at our clinic will reduce or remove dark circles permanently and give a fresh look to your eyes.

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Know Everything About Dark Circles and their treatment