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July 8, 2021
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Get rid of the annoying dark circles with laser treatment

Dark circles or the hollows under the eyes are one of the main reasons why you look tired and fatigued. Most of us, men and women both, get dark circles from time to time, due to lack of sleep or even oversleeping. Sometimes, the consequence of a late night party are the dark circles underneath your eyes.

These are temporary and with some clever makeup, you can conceal your dark circles and bags under the eyes.(for example our Flash Instant Flawless cream), which is a lifesaver!

Aging causes skin to be thinner, and the skin under the eyes appear to be darker. Skin pigmentation due to aging also causes dark circles.

Applying cucumber, tea bags underneath the eyes and other popular home remedies cannot remove dark circles caused by the age process. Sometimes allergies also cause discoloration of the skin on the eyelid and under the eyes. In this case, only expert dermatologists can remove dark circles completely.

When dark circles and those bags under the eyes are quite pronounced, Divine Skinsthetics clinic has the perfect treatment for you – laser treatment.

Let’s first take a look at the causes then dark circles treatment by laser.

Causes of dark circles

  • Aging

As we mentioned before, age causes loss of volume in all areas of the skin, and the skin becomes thinner and dark circles emerge. Collagen, which the body produces in good amounts when we are young, is reduced in the body, and thus the skin around the eyes also suffer.

The body starts to produce more melanin, which creates dark circles. The fat tissue around your eyes reduces with age – another cause of hollows or bags under your eyes.

If you have been googling for dark circle treatment near me, then you will find us in Delhi. We have been providing solutions for this common problem through various lines of treatment.

  • Chronic lack of sleep/insomnia

Lack of sleep, poor sleeping habits and insomnia, are conditions which are seen in both young and not-so-young people. Any kind of stress, physical or mental and poor lifestyle choices leads to losing sleep. When poor sleep is the norm for you, then you may develop dark circles, no matter what your age is.

  • Medical reasons

Thyroid and allergies such as hay fever or some skin conditions including dermatitis can cause the skin around your eyes to turn darker than the facial skin. Anemia is quite common in India, so that could also be an underlying cause for your dark circles.

Genetically also, some people are more prone to developing dark circles or hollows under the eyes. If you have observed your mother, sister, father, uncles and aunts with dark circles, especially as they age, then chances are that the cause for you would be genetic.

  • Personal habits

The skin surrounding the eyes is so delicate that even rubbing the eyes frequently leads to formation of darker skin. Smoking affects not only the lungs but also your looks. Smokers usually tend to have dull skin and dark circles as well as bags under their eyes.

Fun fact: Sleep deprivation we have already pointed out as one of the reasons, but did you know how you sleep plays a major role in the baggy eyes? Sometimes, fluid pools in the skin under the eye, and makes them look swollen and puffy.

A simple remedy is to elevate the head with some pillows to avoid fluid retention under eyes.

  • Sun damage

Overexposure to harsh sunlight is another major cause, especially for people who have sensitive skin. Use sunscreens with high SPF and wear your glam shades to mitigate the effect of sunlight on your eyes.

So what can you do?

Laser treatment to eliminate annoying dark circles

If you are bothered by your dark circles, then we at Divine Skinsthetics have the perfect solution for you. It’s laser therapy performed by our dermatologists. It is a simple treatment to get rid of your problem, and addresses baggy eyes as well.

Lasers are directed at the skin under the eyes, and this stimulates the collagen production in that area. Restoration of collagen level will restore your appearance too, and make your eyes have the same tone as your face.

Im laser treatment the upper layer of skin is untouched, and the light is converted to heat in the lower layers which stimulates collagen. This treatment is non-invasive and you would be able to continue your regular activities in a short span of time, as advised by our dermatologist.

Go beyond the cucumber!!

With our solutions such as laser treatment for dark circles, and chemical peels, you have the option to get rid of dark circles permanently. These solutions are much more effective than any home remedies which you may have heard of, or even tried out.

Stay hydrated, eat healthy iron rich foods, and contact us to solve your dark circle, baggy eyes and hollowness under eye problems.

And while you are here, do take a look at this video on PCOS which is a common problem many women have. Our dermatologist’s tips would help you manage your PCOS easily.

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