Acne Treatment

Acne is a condition which almost all of us are familiar with. All of us have had acne or pimples, cysts or nodules at some point or the other. Some are dealing with it now, as it is the most common skin condition which affects people, adolescents and adults. It is not restricted to gender either. In young people, acne is mostly due to hormonal changes at that age. Acne in older people is usually due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress. The breakouts do not affect you physically, but also lead to mental and emotional havoc.

Our dermatologists at Divine Skinsthetics get to the root of the problem and suggest ways to control the breakouts and prevent the appearance of acne. Acne happens when the sebum or oil produced by the sebaceous glands and dead cells clog up the skin pores. This leads to bacteria multiplying and ultimately leads to acne breakouts. The immune system of the body reacts to the bacteria as redness, pus, itchiness and pain. Mostly, acne or pimples are seen on the face, but you may experience it on the other body areas too, such as the neck, arms, chest and back. Divine Skinthetics offers acne treatment plans customized to suit your condition, and treats acne on the face or other parts of the body. Seeking professional help for acne will help to get rid of the anxiety and distress you face due to it. Our dermatologists treat acne in a holistic manner, after determining the trigger for your breakouts. We recommend lifestyle changes, food, medications, creams and facials etc so that you can avoid acne in future, and lead an acne free life!